How can I find out if the upcoming seasons of Top Chef and Project Runway will be available online?
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How can I find out if the upcoming seasons of Top Chef and Project Runway will be available online (e.g. Amazon Video-on-demand, iTunes, etc.)?

I've tried the message boards and searching around the Internet. Where can I find information about this?
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I'm optimistic that Lifetime will put PR 6 on their website. They put a lot of their shows online. Anything on Bravo (Top Chef) won't be on iTunes. NBC/Universal doesn't put their shows on iTunes because Apple wouldn't let them charge more than other shows. They also only put one episode of any of their shows per month on Hulu. Not sure about the other sites, but I know in the past when Project Runway was on Bravo, it was not available anywhere online (through legitimate channels, at least).
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Not trying to encourage anything shady---but can I ask about the format of the file and if that matters to you? Do you want to watch it on your iPod? On your monitor at work?

I ask because I get all my episodes online, and I hate commercials, so I torrent them. I use a closed private tracker, but there are some really good options out there that automate the process using RSS and have high Q files.
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Considering that all of Top Chef Masters (up through last week's episode) is available on iTunes along with all of the five previous seasons of Top Chef (original recipe), I would suspect that the upcoming Las Vegas season will be available on iTunes as it airs.

Top Chef Masters and the previous 5 seasons of Top Chef are also currently available on Amazon video on demand, and I'd assume that they will also have the new season as it airs.
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For iTunes, you typically have to wait until after the first episode airs, usually the next day. (Though they did have Mad Men up before it aired.)
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Thanks for the answers. We've watched past series (and TC Masters) via Amazon. But I was hoping to find some proof that the new seasons would be offered online rather than just waiting until the first episodes have aired.
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Ooh, I didn't know they had started putting Bravo stuff on iTunes (it's been quite a while since I last checked into it).
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Just found this article saying PR episodes will be streamed the Saturday after the Thursday they air. Hooray!
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