Just how old is that Google maps image of my house?
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In Google Maps, is there a way to tell when the satellite (aerial) images of a particular place were taken?

I am guessing the small print at the bottom of the satellite image is just copyright stuff and I have read that some of them can be as much as 4 years old.

So is there a way to find out how old the satellite view images are or, for the street level view, when the Google van actually drove down the road and snapped the pictures? How often does Google update the satellite and street level views?
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Google Earth will tell you the date (can't remember if it's month/day/year or just month/year).
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djb is correct. It's the latest Google Earth version that you need. It has a history function and from there you can figure out when the photo is taken. You may have to compare images side-by-side with the Google Maps images to figure out which image it is.
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