How much do first year our GI docs make in NYC?
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Anyone know what the best way to find out what salaries are for Gastroenterologist docs in New York City? or just what is a good starting salary for a GI doc in NYC? All I get are averages when I search on the internet.
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10th, 25th, 75th, and 90th percentile is respectively $223,198; $294,669; $465,375; $549,323 for Gastroenterologists in NY City. They're averages, which you say you don't want, but I don't see what you'd be asking for otherwise?
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I guess a specific from someone who might know. First year out of Fellowship, in NYC, what's that pay generally...those percentiles represent all GI's regardless of their length of time in practice. I'm not sure that makes perfect sense...
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