Remember those t-shirts with the drawing of the sabra cactus wearing that funny Israeli hat?
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Were you a Jewish kid in the 70s/80s? Remember those t-shirts with the drawing of the sabra cactus wearing that funny Israeli hat?

I'm trying to find that drawing. I think the cactus was some kind of mascot and had a name - or maybe it was just Sabra. It's not important, I just half remember it and would like seeing it again.
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When you say 'funny Israeli hat' what is that?
From here:
"The male Sabra's appearance included almost deliberately haphazard dress; a work shirt or youth movement shirt; khaki pants or work shorts with large pockets sticking out of them; a stocking cap, Australian hat or red paratrooper's beret".
I'm sorry I couldn't find your drawing but I thank you for bringing this sub-culture to my attention, it's very interesting.
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Well, the hat is called a kova tembel; maybe by searching for that phrase you can find something you're looking for.

Could you be looking for a drawing of the character Srulik?

Here's the Wikipedia article; it also features the well-known illustration of Srulik wearing his kova tembel:
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Response by poster: Yes, Kova Tembel, that's the hat! The character is not Srulik, but I'll look for it again now that I have the hat's name. Thanks!
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The other possibility is that you're remembering one of the mascots from Sabra Foods; I seem to recall that they used a cartoon cactus many years ago as their logo.

As you'll see from their website, they've updated all their branding to look less Israeli and more Euro/Mediterranean, but maybe someone in their PR office can help you?
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Response by poster: I was born and raised in Brazil, I never saw Sabra Foods' mascots. The cartoon I remember might have had something to do with promoting Zionism, I'm not sure. Anyway, I'll keep looking! Thanks!
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