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My daughter, six, has been begging me to let her take singing lessons (and she's quite specific that she wants to sing, rather than learn an instrument or dance or theatre or anything else), but I know NOTHING about singing, let alone where to find a good teacher.

I'm interested in hearing both general advice on the best way for her to get started (she has no current musical background other than singing for school events, and playing my guitars and synth chaotically), and also in specific recommendations for Toronto based teachers/groups/etc.. We are located in the downtown core, in the High Park / Junction area.
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Do it! Having some musical skill will probably come in handy later in life--it's a confidence booster, and a great hobby as well.

Get her a teacher that has a music degree and can teach elements of music theory as well. She's young enough that she may as well learn how to read music and learn her intervals rather than learn to sing by ear.

I started with Music for Young Children when I was three, but I think they accomodate children your daughters age. There should be a ton of teachers in Toronto.

And there's also The Royal Conservatory of Music, which is the standard by which music students are evaluated in Canada. Based in Toronto!
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I'd find someone who has experience teaching children and if possible, try a few teachers out to find one that clicks. There are a surprising number of music teachers out there who have a peculiar talent for crushing the spirits of the young in the name of "instruction," just as there are fabulous teachers who inspire and encourage.
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Some of our kids had singing lessons, others learned instruments. Singing was much more fun, and got more practice without nags. If you can, find a teacher who can offer group singing as well as solo.
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I would certainly look at choirs as a route into singing, and into discussing ways forward with other parents.
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A youth choir would be useful and fun.
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Ask the school's music teacher for recommendations.

Echoing above that she might enjoy a youth choir in addition to private lessons.
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I am a music education student with a special interest in elementary music. Here is what I would recommend:

-- as Radioamy said, talk to the person in charge of music at her school. He/she will be well-connected in the community and will be able to give you personal reccomndations.

-- look into a youth choir. I was a member of the Spokane Area Children's Chorus from age 6 to about age 10 and it was incredibly helpful to my musicianship as a kid. Even if she wants "singing lessons", one-on-one instruction isn't always the most useful thing at her age. A group choir has the added benefit of a social network of other students who are into the same thing.

-- talk to your local Kindermusik teacher. KM classes usually just go through age 6 or so, but the Kindermusik person will also be able to point you in the right direction for a kid your daughter's age.

Feel free also to PM me with specific questions.
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