Is there a website that will notify you of media releases?
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I am looking for a website or convenient trick to notify me when an item I am interested in is released or acquires a release date. I will be hoping to use this for Books, Games, Movies (both theatrical and dvd).

I know I can always just jott them all down into Outlook Calendar but I suppose I am wondering if there is a faster, easier way.
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I use for DVD releases of movies, and for ... well, you guessed it.
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you could try setting up some sort of google alert for it.... it will email you when the spiders find mention of whatever search term you want. . . kind of a shotgun approach, but could work... so you'd set it to email you when it finds the search terms "El topo + Remastered +released" or some such.
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Crap, I missed It website
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Put them on your Amazon wish list. Then every once in a while go there and buy all the stuff that is now available.

Actually going to something that is on my wish list that is currently unavailable has links to sign up for notifications. Going to the product page for The Hangover (not yet on DVD) has the same option.
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Trackle allows you to set up such a reminder.
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I do not have an all-in-one solution. However:

music: Muspy (email/rss)
books: Author Alerts (email/rss)
DVDs: New DVD Releases Calendar (or feed) - there used to be a similar one for theatrical releases, but it doesn't seem to get updated anymore

Oh! Looked around, Yahoo offers movie feeds (Movies Opening This Week, Movies Coming Soon, New on DVD This Week, New on DVD Next Week, DVDs Available for Pre-Order)
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I got nothin' for games, sorry.
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