Any recommendations for a tailor in Beijing?
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I am female, visiting Beijing briefly. I would like to get blouses and slacks made while I am there. I am too tall for off-the-peg.
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Are you asking for tailor recommendations?
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Yep -- I can never get the Mefi bits of questions in the right places -- The title says "Any recommendations for a tailor in Beijing?" but of course it doesn't show on the Ask page.
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Honestly Beijing isnt really a textile city, that being said I have had a suit made there, but I forgot where I had it done. Do not go to silk market for this though as its just a bunch of t-shirts for Lao Wai's.

Your best bet is to go down to Shanghai.
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Thanks, had a quick stopover in Shanghai before and got a nice (and affordable) jacket from Silk King. So this trip I planned the stopover in Beijing instead -- the clothes are only a sideline! Silk King appear to have a shop at Qianmen Commercial District. May try that for blouses, I guess.
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