Where should we go on vacation?
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Where should we go on vacation next week? We were planning on the Caribbean, but tropical storms have rained on those plans (sorry!). We're open to anything in the US or Canada with just a few restrictions.

The storms will be moving up the entire East Coast, so that's also out of the question which makes things a little more inconvenient since we're in NYC. We're looking for something fun and relaxing, preferably near a nice body of water, and good food is always a plus. Also, I'm pregnant so I won't be doing any drinking, super strenuous exercise, etc. We'd like to stay in a hotel or resort rather than camping or a b&b, and we have a decent budget to work with.

Thanks for saving me from another 24 hours of google hell!
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I had a nice break in San Diego two months ago. Stayed on Coronado Island, didn't rent a car, caught the ferry over whenever we wanted to see something (free, with a free return ticket) before 9 am! ) and took buses whenever we wanted to see something really far, which wasn't much. The beach was nice, but the water was freezing, even for my Scottish ass. Dunked my head twice then retreated to the hotel pool where they deliver nice cocktails and allegedly can serve them without the alcohol, though I wouldn't be able to confirm that first hand. Hired a surrey to tool around the island, ate lots of good food...damn it, I want to be on vacation again.
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Chicago would be fun and easy to get to, and you've got the lake, or perhaps Montreal or Quebec City for awesome food?

Alternatively, Oaxaca.
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Monterey Bay. Did our honeymoon there last year. Alternately, if you've got passports and don't mind a lot less heat than the Caribbean, head up to Banff. Pretty much, it's the best time of the year for up there.
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Mackinac Island. No cars, lots of water, unlimited relaxation.
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You basically said - no east coast - but maybe you should consider the Southwest coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (east of Maine). The weather forecast is looking lovely and while the storms will hit there in some fashion eventually, I doubt that it will be next week. It's rustic, with not much shopping or flashy excitement. You can rent a cabin just off the ocean. There are numerous beaches to go to. The waters on the Southwest (Port Hood, Mabou, Inverness) are quite warm this time of year, the people are priceless and the scenery is stunning. Good seafood, too. I came back from vacation there 2 weeks ago. Memail me if you like.
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Martha's Vineyard. Continental has props leaving Newark. You're there in an hour or so. Nothing's funner last minute, especially if you are not a fan of the "Jersey Shore" and The Hamptons makes you gag.
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Not sure if you're willing to come to the middle of the US, but I just went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas last month and absolutely recommend it. It's a totally amazing and unique town in a beautiful location near a few lakes. I wrote a piece about it. Email me for the link if you'd like to read it and look at the photos.
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