Stinkfoot (Duhn duh-duh-duhhn)
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After working in the rain for 3 days straight and never having enough time to dry all the way out during those 3 days, one of my work boots smells punguntly of mildew. There's no footy smell, only mildew. Is there any way to get rid of it and save the boot? I imagine the mildew isn't doing any favours for the binding or the fabrics either.
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I would dump a bunch of talcum powder in the thing. Take out the footbed, of course, first. Leave them outside in the sun for a couple days.

(actually, I have a history of athlete's foot, so I would be using some sort of medicated powder, too...)

I used to work building carwashes. Sometimes we'd be in the spray for 14 hour days, for a week. Sunshine and dessicant (powder) willl do wonders.
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You might try this: wad up newspapers and fill the inside of the boot, then stick it in the freezer for a few days.
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Is this a leather boot? You could clean the leather with a good saddle soap (inside and out) and follow-up with a mildew retardant conditioning oil.
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I have this issue with my sneakers if I bike in the rain a few days in a row. Sunshine and febreeze spray takes care of it. Take out the shoelaces, inner soles (if you can) when you put them in the sun.
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Response by poster: I'll try these, thanks.
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