Where to take my grandparents to Lunch in Seattle?
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Where can I take my grandparents out to lunch in North Seattle that isn't Marie Callendar's?

They're roughly 90 and are understandably not adventurous in their food choices. I've gone to the Marie Callendar's up by Northgate twice with them before, and once to Ray's Boathouse Cafe, and those were successful, but I'd really like to try someplace new.

Requirements: must either have handicapped parking, or a door I can drive right up to and let them out at. (No wheelchairs involved, but mobility is limited.) No hills to walk up or down! Nothing spicy or unfamiliar. Ideally not too far of a drive from Wallingford. No loud music playing. The interior should be not-too-crowded so they don't have to squeeze their way through tables. (This rules out The Dish in Fremont, which I love, but is probably just too cramped.)
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Lombardi's in Ballard .

This is really good and I think that they could get in and out, fine.

It's not North Seattle, but it's close.
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Vera's in Ballard has great short-order diner food, and should be just fine for the mobility limited.
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What about Julia's on Wallingford Ave. across from Wallingford center? Or maybe Elysian's Tangletown location on 55th? Both actually in Wallingford. I don't think either have parking, but you can drop them off right at the door. Tangletown might be kind of noisy for dinner, but I think it should be pretty tame for lunch (though I've never been for lunch.)
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What about all the new restaurants in or near the Northgate Mall? Stanford's for sure has handicapped parking, or you could drop them off at the entrance to Romano's or The Ram.
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It's a little farther north, but Scott's in Shoreline is a nice restaurant that meets all your requirements and is very popular with retirees, and has a good selection of standard fare (and awesome garlic bread).
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I brought a list with all these suggestions, and after some discussions, they decided they wanted to go to another of their standby restaurants, the Varsity Inn. But these were good suggestions! Thanks, everybody.
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