or is it a child's half-remembered, lunatic dream?
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In the early 70's there aired a kid's after school program. Simple to identify, right? Course not, this is where you come in.

This show aired on Mexican TV, specifically in Acapulco. It was a dubbed, 30 minute, Asian children's program involving live action/animation; a chubby little boy, his nanny/aunt/housekeeper/caretaker and a cartoon sorcerer. The nanny-ish person possessed magical powers and was often at odds with the sorcerer. There may have been another girl/boy involved but I'm not so sure. The particular episode that stuck with me was sticks and leaves and dirt and such transformed by glamour to appear as a delicious banquet for the children.

I've tried Googling but can't pin down the search terms enough, or maybe I dreamed the whole non-existent thing. Either way, please identify this program so I can finally put it to rest ... I'm spending way too much time picking away at my memories of this!
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