Good funk that isn't disco?
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I'm looking for great funk/soul songs that aren't disco.

When I google for good funk music I end up finding lists that include a lot of songs that have way too much of a disco sound to them. I like the rare disco song, but overall, no thanks. So I'm looking for funk with more soul and less glitz. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, I've been listening to the Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack, so I'm really digging songs like James Brown's The Boss and The Payback, and Why Did You Do It by Stretch. Things in that vein.
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Try Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman, that one's pretty nice.
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Three compilations from the always excellent Soul Jazz Records label: New Orleans Funk; New Orleans Funk, Vol. 2; and Saturday Night Fish Fry. Note especially Lee Dorsey and the Meters.

Marva Whitney
Rufus Thomas

I'd give you more but I've got to head off to work.
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songs i like that are funk:

anything by parliment
i'll be good to you by the brothers johnson
livin' for the city by stevie wonder
lovely day by bill withers
just the two of us by grover washington jr.

These are pretty major hits, i think, but they are funky and not disco.
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Ike Turner
Parliament First Thangs and anything Funkadelic on the Westbound label

The In Yo Face collections from Rhino are pretty decent intro sets.
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The Meters
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I would also like to add that later Parliament is much more disco and less JB's much like the works of Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder in the early 70's.
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Isley Brothers - especially It's Your Thing
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Seconding anything by Parliament.
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Isley Brothers: What readery said, but also Fight the Power, Work to do, That Lady. They also do two of the greatest funk covers ever: Spill the Wine and Love the One you're With.

Tower of Power: What is Hip, It's Not the Crime. Their ballads are delicious too.

Fela Kuti: Water Get No Enemy, Zombie. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes spooky, but with juggernaut rhythm.
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The Crusaders
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Adam Dorn, AKA Mocean Worker, has a few tracks that are funk-inspired.

Ditto for Ugress, especially Loungemeister.
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You're asking about a huge body of music, so I'd suggest an easy way to find the funk and not disco: listen to songs released before 1976 or so.

The BBE compilations Funk Spectrum 1,2, and 3 are all great - and you can look for more Keb Darge compiled stuff, he's been a real champion of the sound over the years. Also check out the compilations The Funky 16 Corners, The Kings of Funk, Bay Area Funk vols 1&2, and those Soul Jazz compilations mentioned above.
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Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band, the albums In the Jungle Babe/Express yourself in particular. Amazing stuff.
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The Blaxploitation compilations are an excellent place to start.
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late 60s, early 70s James Brown
The Meters (Look-ka-py-py)
early Tower of Power
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Fred Wesley
Maceo Parker
Robert Walter
Beastie Boys
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Oh my god. There's so much here -- Funk is a gigantic and happy world. Her are some basic bands to get you started in addition to the excellent recs above (especially ++ Parliament -- also George Clinton laid it out under the Funkadelic name -- and the Meters):

- The Gap Band
- Average White Band
- The Ohio Players
- Slave
- Kool and the Gang (pref. from the 70's)
- The Neville Brothers
- Betty Davis (not to be confused with Bette Davis. Betty Davis was married to Miles, and she poured out pretty much the rawest funk out there)
- Rick James
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There's great advice in this thread. Here are some of my picks:

* Early Funkadelic, especially the first, eponymous album and the second album, Maggot Brain.
* More James Brown, of course
* Sly and the Family Stone (Stand! or Greatest Hits, to get started)
* The Brothers Johnson
* Graham Central Station (featuring bassist Larry Graham, of Sly and the Family Stone)
* Victor Wooten. This can get a little smooth jazz-y at times, which is a good or a bad thing depending upon what you think of smooth jazz.

Finally, I just found this guys, Rented Mule, last week. They're a groovy funk/fusion blend.

If you end up digging old school funk, you may also find yourself liking "soul jazz," some fusion, and some "smooth jazz." I'm throwing those genres out there to enhance your Google-fu. Finally, put any or all of the artists mentioned in this thread into Pandora, and you're sure to find some other acts that you'll like.
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The Intestate '76 Soundtrack. Quite possibly the finest video game soundtrack ever produced. I know, I know: you didn't want a video game soundtrack. I'm just saying this isn't what you think and it oozes funk.
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Yeah, there's just so much music that qualifies. If you don't want disco then only make informed choices from songs recorded after '76 or so.

I'll nth anything by James Brown, Parliament/Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone but that's really just the very tip of the iceberg.
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I'd recommend you start by getting as much James Brown as you can--he really is the master. His original band (early 60's) included Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker and Bootsy Collins, all masters of funk themselves. When the James Brown band regrouped in the late 60's, his musicians weren't as gifted, but the groove got even funkier, maybe because he stripped stuff down to the very core to simplify the parts. Listen to something latter day (from the 70's) like Funky President, or I've Got a Bag of my Own (inside sample tracks)--yow!!!

Beyond that, some good advice here. Other great comps to get you started (seconding In Yo Face series as well)--Really Heavy Soul, Revenge of the Ghetto Grooves, and others in those series are pretty stellar. In terms of Parliament, don't miss The Motor Booty Affair--killer track (and album).
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The Meters is pretty vital but the song you really need is "Hikky Burr", by Quincy Jones and, yes, Bill Cosby.
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Seconding the Interstate '76 soundtrack, if you can find it.

The game itself was flawed but excellent, but the soundtrack has probably some of the coolest funk I've ever heard.
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Response by poster: Sweet! Clearly I'm a complete amateur when it comes to this genre of music, and I suppose I might as well have asked what some great Rock n' Roll songs are, but thanks for humoring me. I'm going to be checking out all of these suggestions.
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Don't forget Go-go! Especially the Godfather himself, Chuck Brown.
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Daptone Records has a great sampler of modern funk bands.
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Stevie Wonder- "Superstition", "Higher Ground".
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The Soul Searchers - Salt of the Earth
Herbie Hancock - Manchild
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The Temptations: Though mostly R&B, I think we can add a few hits, including the great Papa was a Rolling Stone.
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2nding Curtis Mayfield.
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See also this.
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Check out a band called Cold Blood. They make some raw and pretty awesomely dissonant funk, and the lead singer sounds a lot like Betty Davis, mentioned above.

If you haven't come across it, Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters is a great album with one of the most famous Minimoog bass lines in history. The last two tracks might not be your thing, but the other half of it is I think totally up your alley.

Oh, and I have to say, stay far, far away from Tower of Power. They're pretty much everything you sound like you're trying to stay away from.
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Also...I hate to crap on other people's suggestions, but as much as I love him, I think that Curtis Mayfield is pretty glitzy in a way you're probably not interested in.
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Ugh, not to spam, but I forgot to add another YES for Fela Kuti. Afrobeat and funk are distinct but mutually appreciable.
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Gang of Four.
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