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I lack l33t grammar sk1llz. If two words are spelled or misspelled differently, if they sound the same, and if they mean the same thing, then what are they. Monosemy comes close, Homonym, Antonym and Simile are miles off. Derivation is OK, but not accurate enough. Please Hope me.
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Then they'd be synonymous homophones, or homphonous synonyms, wouldn't they? I don't know if there's a single word term for same-sound/same-meaning/different spelling & can't even think of any examples of such a thing off the top of my head.
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Oh, come to think of it, I guess draught/draft, colour/color & other US/UK spelling differences would be examples of the phenomenon you have in mind?
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Synonyms are two words that are spelled differently and mean the same thing, but they don't sound the same. Can you give an example? I can't think of any words that fit your criteria except for regional spellings of words. (on preview - what misteraitch said)
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Do you mean like axe and ax? Aid and aide almost work, too. Can you tell I'm looking at the A words on a homonym list?
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Examples would be color & colour, txt spk, l33t speak, and in my particular case, misspellings of the word profit. e.g. profitt, e-profit, possibly prophet, profits, profit$, etc. Homophone sounds good enough, but I like the idea of "homphonous synonyms". Thankx all.
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Heterographic homophones?
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Also, Toys 'r us and "Toys are us" and Toysaurus.
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Err, that should have been homophonous, but now you mention it, homphonous almost sounds better...
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Those are simply called spellings, or in some of the cases you mentioned, misspellings.
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It seems that's a grey/gray area.
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Alternate spellings.
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Aid and aide almost work, too.

No they don't.
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