Name of movie where kids lock someone inside during the one safe time to enjoy the outdoors?
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What's this movie? Basic plot: children living in a future where it (acid) rains all of the time and cannot go outside except for one rare, short period that it will be clear..... and they lock some child inside the school?

I am guessing I saw it in the mid 1980s but it could have been older than that. I just recall the basic plot and the horror of the poor kid locked inside unable to experience outside ever.
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All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury.

Previously ,Previously, Previously, Previously, Previously and Previously
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Not snark - it's just funny how often it comes up :)
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That one's a heartbreaker.
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All the previouslies.
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It's a compelling story.
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The movie (well, short film) is on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Highly recommended for anyone who hasn't seen it.
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Thx much! I swear I tried to find before posting... but my terms were something like:
movie with acid rain school kids in school

Bad searcher babs!

I thank you though
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Sweet! You can add me to the list of people who has wanted to find this movie for years. The part that was the most memorable for me was when the girl locked in the room appreciated the thin stream of sunlight available to her.
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At least in the short story (haven't seen the film in many years) the rain wasn't acid rain, it just rained all the time, which might have thrown off your search.
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I literally laughed out loud when I saw this question from the home page. What is it about this story that makes it so memorable, yet so forgetable?
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Ah! I've been trying to remember the short story of this but couldn't remember enough details to Ask Metafilter. Thanks, Babsomatica! The only specific I had was that the word "tumultuously" was used. (And indeed it is.) Though knowing Metafilter that probably would have been enough...
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