Is there decent Free to Air Digital TV in Canada?
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What's the state of Free to Air digital TV in Toronto?

I'm in the midst of moving back to Canada after a few years in the UK, and it's decision time: do I pack my digital indoor antenna or not?

I've gotten used to free (well, minus licence fee) digital television – Freeview. Living in Canada, I always had cable. This time around I'd rather not give any more money than necessary to the ghost of Ted Rogers.

Are there free digital TV channels available in Toronto? Am I in for a rude surprise when I scan for new channels?

If it makes a difference, the TV I'm shipping back is a Sharp Aquos with a built in digital tuner, hooked up to indoor amplified digital rabbit ears.

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Yes there is free to air digital in T.O.
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That was fast, apparently my Google skills let me down.

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go to forums. you'll find a lot of really good info about the state of digital OTA in Toronto there. yay antennae.(s?)
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While the stations do exist, be warned that you might not get much. I'm up near Keele & Steeles, and my indoor antenna doesn't get a single digital channel (and only one analog channel). Comparing notes on the digitalhome forums suggests to me that, absent line of sight to the CN Tower, the FTA situation is not good.
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Get an outside antenna if you can. There are lots of fairly compact and inconspicuous ones available now. I'm line of sight for most of the channels here in Rochester but my indoor antennas were just not good enough for digital.
posted by tommasz at 8:23 AM on August 16, 2009 has also become "DIY antenna central", and having had good results in a somewhat marginal area of the US with one of their designs (for an outdoor model used indoors at attic-height) I'd suggest trying them out.
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Thanks all! Looks like I might have to pay my Rogers tithe afterall.
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