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I have a week to spend in Queensland (or Nthrn NSW) (I live in Brisbane). I want to chill out and be near beach and rainforest.

Dont need nightlife, perfect cafe lattes or room service. Trying to keep the cost down... any ideas from aussie mefites? The amount of info on the web is well... overwhelming. I'm looking for recommendations. I have several weeks to make my reservation. I have no car and cant drive but would like to hire a bike. And I will be alone. The obvious option is camping but I have no camping equipment. Whale watching could be good

I'm 34, fit, need a break and will be doing this after 5 days living it up in Melbourne. Need to chill out. Please help.
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Cairns has beach and rainforest nearby.
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Best answer: Agnes Water, just north of Bundaberg. It's extremely chilled out, and not to mention beautiful. It's the start of the Great Barrier Reef and should be pretty cheap.
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Response by poster: Thanks indenial... thats what I'm after. Places native QLDers keep secret from us Victorians.
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Catch a train to Cleveland (get the courtesy bus) and hop on the Flyer. Then catch the connecting bus to Point Lookout.
(So roughly $20 one-way? <>
Hire a bike before you go!
And really take whatever you can with you. It is an island...
(Water is bountiful and delicious! But it's a bit "Mad Max" when it comes to things like tim tams or chocolate cake.)

Try the camping ground (has cabins) or the caravan park? (MeMail for tips!!)
Or there are HEAPS of holiday units all the way along there. (Room service, WiFi, pool and private beach access... Nuf Said.)

There are a bunch of inland lakes too. They were only a short drive, so perhaps a reasonable ride...? Or there are likely tours? (Or you could just hitch. I would.)

Speaking of which...
You do realise that school holidays are in September some time?
Wherever you decide to go - it'll be much cheaper if you go off-peak. Less people is bad for hitching.. but really great for there not being bunches of squealing brats everywhere :)
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Lady Musgrave Island has heaps of camping spots - you may still be able to get one in Sept. It's the cheapest place you'll find to stay up there, and you'll actually be on the great barrier reef.
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Seconding Straddie. I haven't been there since I was a teenager, but it was so beautiful. And it's not school holidays for a while - they go from September 14 to October 9 - so it should be pretty relaxed and quiet.
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Def do not go to Straddie in the upcoming school holidays. Unless you want to see dozens and dozens of private school kiddies getting wasted off their faces and causing a scene. A few years back the police actually swept down the street we were staying in with horses to calm these kids down. In saying that, it is fantastic the rest of the time.

You could also look at Moreton Island if you can hire some camping gear and you are looking for something a little more remote.

Cairns is good, it does have water and rainforest a short bus trip away. The skyrail thingy that goes up to Kuranda is great I hear, as is the train through/around Kuranda.

Byron Bay has water and rainforest too; it also has really snobby hippies but the coffee shouldn't be too bad. That's the trade-off I guess. There are a few smaller towns along the northern NSW coast that are nice. Evan's Head, Yamba etc.

Either way, you'll have a great trip.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all who replied .... I know Straddie quite well and have been there a few times. I am aware of the schoolie danger... but annual leave was fought for and approved and I wont let a bunch of teenagers scare me (unless I'm at a suburban train station after 8pm).

I havent booked anything yet but thanks all for the tips. Musgrave Island could be amazing, Moreton has been recommended by a colleague too and Virgin are offering good Cairns deals right now. This was my my first Mefi question. Cool. Thanks guys.
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