Foot mice?
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My typing hands hurt. I'm doing what I can. Has anyone used a foot mouse? Or even a foot mouse? Can you really control the cursor with your feet? Does it hurt your feet after a while? I'm looking for some first foot experience, so to speak.
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does it ever 'sting' a wee bit like as if your hand is falling asleep? Get a tad numb around pinkie and maybe ring finger? In that case it might be your elbow, see, and you should make all efforts to let your elbow rest. Lean it on a pillow, get an armrest office chair, that sort of thing. It starts so harmless but can become a big deal with very numb fingers and require medication to help fix.

For all lets give a hands off mouse rest I use every short command I so that I stay on keyboad. The mouse really isn't needed. Wacom tablets (pens) are also cool.
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the elbow thing is a 'reverse' tennis elbow. You have two big nerve highways in your elbow that signal the brain from your hand, I damaged both, so I've had tennis and mouse 'elbow'.
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If you've got access to one of those little webcams, try out NaviGaze. It was really designed to allow seriously impaired folks to surf the web and simple mouse tasks of similar ilk, but most of the folks downloading it report they're just using it as a head-controlled mouse part-time to take some workload off their wrists, to varying degrees of success. It seems to depend mostly on the mousing style of the user.

Disclaimer: Yes, I work at this place. But hey, it's free, and since I'm the one who gets the e-mails, I can promise you ain't gonna get spammed by the download form.
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Rats, I'm on a Mac, otherwise I'd try Navigaze.
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