Identify this old episodic flash game
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Can anyone identify this flash game? I played it at least 5 years ago, it is episodic (each episode online for a month), beautifully animated, by a French team, set on an island with many locations, populated by a wide range of interesting characters, full of little casual games, available in a number of European languages, and may have been called something beginning with B!

The game...
Was a meta-game - a virtual world full of smaller games.
Had the feel of an adventure.
Each episode had an intro with newspaper stories about previous happenings.

You were...
A young boy, coloured, with dreadlocks.

Other characters included...
A pig who was the butcher.
A fishmonger
An old gnarled fisherman
A suspicious doctor or mayor (called Patchouli?)

Your house (where you kept a diary, and could play the records you collected)
Your kitchen (where you could play a Cooking Mama style cooking game)
The beach (where you could enter a kite flying competition)
Inside a giant fish.
A cinema (where you could watch short animations by the same production team)
A casino
A wind farm
A blocked road (where you could play a game clearing logs)

The team...
Started work on a second game which revolved around Tiki masks / Aztec totem poles.
Made an animated short film about two characters in a flat (one with a skull for a head, and the other permanently on fire) who are attacked by special forces.

I'd really like to find this game, as I know I didn't imagine it!
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I know this game but I don't recall the name.

But one of my colleagues plays it a lot so if no one has come up with the name by tomorrow MeMail me and I'll ask her.
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Ok nevermind, I've found it with some French googling: Banja.
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Thank you! Well I was almost right - it did begin with a B.
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