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What are your best quick toaster/convection oven recipes?

I'm looking at my unopened Krups Convection Toaster Oven and wondering what to make with it. Other than toast. I like quick and healthy food. Anything my two kids (6, and 11) might find tasty is also good.
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Kids like quesadillas. And those little mini-pizzas you can make with english muffins.
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They're really good for garlic cheese toast.
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Toaster ovens are perfect for heating up leftovers and *wait for it* making toast. The Google may be your best option for finding those who live and die by their toaster ovens, aside from breaking open the seal on your box and discovering the recipe book contained within.
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Seconding Rokusan's suggestions - similarly, go for pizza bagels (bagel, pasta/pizza sauce & mozzarella cheese is all you need - you can sneak in veggies too without them realizing), yumm! Tuna melts are also a good use of the toaster oven.
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One other healthy suggestion for the toaster oven is roasted veggies (or you can just use a broiler) - chopped up squash/peppers/asparagus/etc toss with olive oil and broil. Toaster ovens are great - happy cooking!
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I like toasting bread with mozzarella and slices of tomato--it's kind of like a pizza, but with juicier bits of tomato. It works as a snack or as a base for a sandwich.

Also, toaster ovens are great for s'mores. They're unhealthy but might fall under the category of being something your kids would find tasty.

Eric Ripert has a nice series of videos on toaster oven recipes, called Get Toasted. I tend to use these recipes as a resource for ideas on what to make, since I usually don't have things like hundred year old balsamic vinegar or crème fraiche lying around the house.
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Cinnamon toast can be done to perfection in a toaster oven. Not particularly healthy but delicious and good with milk [which is healthy]

- toast bread on lightest setting
- melt warm butter on bread [may have to stick bread with hardish butter back in a warm toaster oven]
- put a mix of cinnamon and sugar over the melted butter [3/4 sugar, 1/4 cinnamon, pre-mix]
- put back in toaster oven, toast on medium

Warning, comes out with hot-like-lava sugar on top. You can even make this on whole grain bread and it is still awesome.
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I toast bread and heat up veggie burgers with melted cheese on them. Very tasty if you get the right ones.
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I buy frozen fried tilapia filets from trader joes, heat them up in the toaster oven. I have a skillet on the stove with tortillas. I make insanely good tacos this way. Very simple, just add some salsa and guacamole and whatever else you like. Oh and I put all of that on a bed of herb salad mix from whole foods. Crazy delicious.
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Any type of fish can pretty much go into a toaster oven, as evidenced in Eric Ripert's Get Toasted series and from my own experiments. Make sure whatever you're using isn't too thick. Just a little oil on the bottom to keep it from sticking to the pan/aluminum foil, salt, pepper, and whatever herbs you want. About 15-20 minutes later, deliciousness.
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