How to say "accuracy" and "precision" in Russian?
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How to translate the scientific/statistical English words "accuracy" and "precision" into scientific/statistical Russian?

Google translate is no good here. These words have a very specific meaning in scientific/statistical English. How do I translate them into Russian?
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Can you read Russian? I don't, but most countries have some sort of "measurement authority" that approves scales, meters, &c. These bodies often have regulations where these words will be used and defined on-line. So if you could find the Web site of that organisation for Russia, you might be set.
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Otherwise you would find that in a terminology bank (but I don't know about Russian-English terminology banks) or in a Russian-English technical dictionary. If you're in the U.S. or Canada, your local university libary should have several Russian-English technical dictionaries (thanks to the Cold War).
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I am no expert on the subject of translating scientific texts. But, if the Russian Wikipedia is to be believed, then it's:

accuracy --> точность
precision --> сходимость
reproducibility --> воспроизводимость
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Yes, epimorph is correct.
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