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We live in the state of Alabama. My son is 18 and a full time college student. He is starting a part time job to help with school. He will be making minimum wage and will work 20 or so hours per week. We are filling out his paperwork and came across the "Alabama Dept. of Revenue Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate" Would this apply to my son or do we leave it blank?
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If you had no Alabama
income tax liability last year
and you anticipate no Alabama
income tax liability
this year, you may claim
“exempt” from Alabama
withholding tax. To claim
exempt status, check the
block below, sign and date
this form and file it with
your employer. Employees
claiming exempt status are
not required to complete
Lines 1-6.

Your son will be earning taxable income this year - so my interpretation is that he is not exempt. If he was married and supporting six kids with this same part time, minimum wage job - then he probably would not have any tax liability and would be exempt.

It appears that your son will be classified as an S-0 for tax rates...

(I live in Alabama, but IANAAccountant)
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Response by poster: Thanks so much! All of that tax mumbo jumo is so confusing! I could not reach my CPA to ask him. You have been a big help! Have a nice evening and I hope you are getting some much needed rain like we are!
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