Stargazing in LA (not that kind)
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Where to go near Los Angeles for best views of the Perseid meteor shower?

Will be in Los Angeles for the weekend and want to catch the Perseids. Can some Los Angelenos suggest places to go? I will have a car, but not interested in camping. Is there somewhere to go within an hour's drive of LAX?
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look on the Griffith Observatory's website. They have a drop down menu that says skywatch that gives you lots of specifics.
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I'm afraid that you would have to go back in time. The Perseids peaked in the wee hours of yesterday morning.
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Next time, these clear sky charts may help you find a spot.
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It might be a more than an hour, but north of the San Gabriel Mountains (Lancaster or Victorville) offers some pretty good viewing.
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i know the perseids *peaked* on wednesday, but they're good thru 8/24.
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I've gone to Mount Wilson, just pulled over into a turnout on the way to the top (didn't go all the way up) and laid on the hood of my car, and seen a bunch. It's fun cuz others are out there too, and when there's a big one you can hear cheers and hollering echoing from all over!
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Was, myself, totally thinking of cruising somewhere above La Canada for the spectale...

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