What are your favorite two-person games?
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What are your favorite games that two people can play?

Looking for (non video) games that two people can play. Favorite card games, domino games, etc. Also looking to expand beyond dominoes and cards specifically. We enjoy those a lot, just wondering what else is out there!

(I know there have been a couple of similar questions, but those were either very specific ("conversation games"), or included video games, and got a lot of answers suggesting thsoe)
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Also, goofy "kid games" like Jenga and Don't Spill the Beans can be fun.
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We used to love to play Uno with only two players. We called it "Killer Uno." It was fun and goofy.

Also, Connect Four.
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Piquet, a 15th century card game for 2 players.
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My wife and I used to play it in bed all the time. It's a card game, but a bit more.
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Heads up Texas hold 'Em poker (or Omaha if you want to get fancy), Scrabble, 2nding Boggle, Mastermind, Backgammon, games involving manual dexterity like Operation (especially when alcohol is served). I also like fiendishly hard 20 Questions (or 30 questions, or 40)
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Mr Jack is a very good game for two players.

Another thread reminded me of Scrabble. Scrabble is by far at its most strategic with only two players.

Crokinole is a little expensive since it's made of nice looking wood, but works great with two players.
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We like Othello and Mastermind.
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How do you feel about the classic board games? Chess, checkers, backgammon, etc.

Besides those, here are my favorite games with only 1 other player.

Beer Money (also, the original Lunch Money, I just happen to only own Beer Money)

Last Night on Earth (allows up to 6 players, but 1 on 1 works well if you happen to love the zombie movie theme)

Magic: The Gathering (doesn't have to be expensive and is really an excellent card game, especially if you design decks to be interesting against each other, or just pick up some pre built decks)

Here is a list of 2 player games on boardgamegeek.

I realize that you may not want games that require a purchase of something that is only for that 1 game, but I tend to like that sort of thing.
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Backgammon is a good time. Also a ton of board games can be played with only two players, some that are meant to be: Stratego, Battleship, Pentago. Others like Scrabble and Sequence are maybe more exciting with multiple players, but I've enjoyed them with just two.
Anyway, I hope you meant board games, 'cuz that's all I got.
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Lost Cities.
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Mancala! I have this one, or one just like it - it is such a great game.
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Seconding backgammon. My favorite relaxing, yet entertaining two person game.
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Disc Golf
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All these games are on boardgamegeek.com:

Lost Cities
Balloon Cup
Dungeon Twister
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Board Game Geek has a BUNCH of awesome lists of two-player games. Here are a few: 1 2 3 4 5

Personally, I'll attest to the awesomeness of Lost Cities (short, easy game) and Carcassone (a little bit more involved but still easy to pick up).
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Carcassonne (you can play with more people, but two works just fine)
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Seconding Lost Cities.
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My favorite two-person game is Pente.

I'm told that it's similar to Go (which I've never played), but simpler. I like simple.
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Nthing Cribbage and Backgammon. Also: Scrabble, Abalone, Battleship, and really any classic board game that says 2+ players.
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Nthing Board Game Geek. Our favourite two-player board games: Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Yinsh, Puerto Rico (the two-player variant).

For card and dice games, I summarised some of our favourites on my website: games for couples.
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entropic: (I know there have been a couple of similar questions, but those were either very specific ("conversation games"), or included video games, and got a lot of answers suggesting thsoe)

There have been a couple identical questions.
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Pass the Pigs
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It's "like chess" in the sense that it's a two-player strategy game using game-pieces that have various powers, but sooooo much more fun.
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I like Beggar My Neighbor.
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Blokus, Rummikub
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Here's a simple drinking game a friend and I invented.*
    Tennis Two players sit across from each other at a hard table. Each player places a shot glass on the table in front of him/her. Players try to bounce quarters off of the table, over their own shot glass, and into their opponent's. Players drink whenever a quarter lands in their shot glass, even if it was their own bounce. Two quarters are in play at all times, and must be shot promptly upon receipt.
*I'm sure we weren't the first to think of this, but it was a spontaneous creation.
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I really like Egyptian Ratscrew. If you've got two good Ratscrew players going the advantage can shift all the time and it keeps the game really exciting. It can be played with more than two players, but it's more difficult to find a lot of skilled players, so head-to-head is often more exciting. The game relies on awareness and reaction time, as well as giving added advantage to players who can count cards or memorize sets in the deck.
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Yes, cribbage and yes, Lost Cities! Yahtzee is also very good as a two-person game.
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I like "Analog-Boggle." This is just the same idea as regular boggle, except that you don't need the board. Pick pseduo-random words with a total of 25 letters, scramble them in a manner of your choosing, and build a 5X5 grid. Then play Boggle as normal.

The setup takes a little while, but this is a great airport game when you've got nothing else.
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If you like poker-type card games, Chinese Poker.
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Spite and Malice, a card game
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quarto is a fun game with a simple set of rules, but can be quite difficult when playing against someone if both of you are good at thinking several moves ahead. I like to think of it as a great game of chess for people who hate chess and don't want to spend a lot of time playing (there are only 16 pieces, so a maximum of 16 moves from start to finish)
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Play Jenga with chopsticks. Don't allow anyone to use their fingers to touch the pieces. It almost becomes a whole new game.
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Casino is another card game that works well for two. It's a good game to chat and drink beer and play — simple enough, once you learn the rules, that you can keep it in the background, but still varied enough that it doesn't get old.
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Dittos to Carcassone!
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Cribbage is the correct answer. But also Lost Cities, San Juan, Blokus... and, you know, chess, if you're old school like that.
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Gin rummy! I could play for hours and hours. Spit (the card game) is fun, too.

I also used to love Chinese Checkers as a kid. And yeah, chess.
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Seconding Rummikub.
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Just because it's almost as fun to say as it is to play: Farkle!
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Set is one of my favourite games, which I like best as a two-player game, but it's also easily played by more and also can be played solitaire if you wish. There's a bit of a learning curve with it but I've introduced many people to it and most of them end up loving it. Also, if you like Set, Set Cubed is probably worth picking up.

If you like Scrabble or other word games, I like:
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Go is a great game for two. There is even a nice handicapping system if you find that one of you is better than the other at any given point in your enjoyment of the game.
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I agree with Carcassonne. Another good one is Dominion, which is good for 2-4 people. It's a card game focused around building your deck, which represents your land and resources. I just got it and have been playing it with my GF.

I strongly disagree with Rummikub. What a boring game, full of non-decisions.
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