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Dreamweaver CS3 on Vista slows to a halt when typing or adding text.

My laptop is a Vista machine with 4gb ram. I Just replaced Dreamweaver MX, which I use for years on my XP box and on this laptop.

I was having problems with MX not assigning tables correctly and was advised that since it was older and not written for Vista, I would need to upgrade to a Vista-compatible version.

I bought CS3. That fixed the tables problem, but the inputting of text is SO SLOW. If you try to manually type it in, after the first character it just "thinks about it" and locks up the whole program for 2-10 minutes. Yes, thats 2-10 minutes.

Same thing with pasting text. ctrl+v equals a similar wait.

it will eventually do it, but to enter in 3 paragraphs is taking somewhere just under an hour.

Dreamweaver is useless to me like this, but I paid a lot of money for it, so I'd really like to find a fix.

Any thoughts?
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I don't have such dramatic problems on my system as you, (CS3 merely(!) eats around 30% of my CPU cycles), but it seems there's a widespread problem with CS3. There's an unofficial patch, which I've not tried, but might be worth a go for you. Read the comments though; they've put me off trying it, but your situation seems more dire than mine.
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Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. Also try turning off Aero (switch to the Classic Theme).
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Have you tried the steps listed here?
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Have you tried deleting the file cache?

If that doesnt work you will probably get a better answer over on the Adobe Dreamweaver forums
Sadly Dreamweaver does seems to be getting slower and more buggy with each upgrade, Adobe seem to be intent on changing what was once a great HTML editor into a bad programming IDE.
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