Where to find a black skirt with a zipper slit?
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Where can I find a professional-looking longish black skirt with a front or side zipper slit? (for $150 or less, ideally)

I have a skirt exactly like this - mid-calf length, with a zipper slit that goes from fully closed to mid-thigh height - and I like it so much it's starting to get ratty. It's so perfect and versatile, going from all-business to a bit sexy in several seconds flat - but now it should really be retired.

I've been Googling like crazy to see if I can find something to replace it, but I'm having trouble fishing the skirts with actual "zipper slits" out of the sea of "black skirts with zippers and slits". Anybody know where I can find a new favorite black skirt? I am not terribly picky about what material it's made from (except LEATHER/PLEATHER IS OUT), and I'll happily buy something online if need be.
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Best answer: If you're willing to spend $150 total, you could buy a basic black skirt for $50 and then have a seamstress add a zipper slit for well under $100.
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Here's one from CoutureCandy for $128.
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Loeffler Randall makes this. $238- you could search ebay or other sales though.
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Saks has one on sale $117.

That was a common style in the goth/punk/alternclothing scene a while ago. TrippNYC and Lip Service both made one. Hot Topic has a dress with a skirt in that style for sale.

Here's another version at a place called "chickdowntown.com". 80's purple has a version.

(btw, my search was "black skirt zipper accent")
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Best answer: I'm under the impression that something like this was more what the OP had in mind. I don't think she wanted a noticeable zipper accent, but rather a functional hidden zipper that would allow her to decide how high the slit went.
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oinopaponton: if that's the case (and you're probably right) then a tailor is her best bet.
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Best answer: You can find a lot of zippered skirts on ebay ("goth" is the key term), but whay you're looking for is a little more subtle than what I've seen there. Nthing buying a perfect black skirt and then visiting a tailor.
Cities usually have more little tailoring joints than most people are aware of, and they're cheap as heck.
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Response by poster: oinopapoton is correct; what I'm looking for is a black slit skirt with a slit that can be adjusted via a very subtle/totally hidden zipper. Sounds like a tailor is my best bet - can't believe I didn't think of that earlier! I have some other clothes that need alterations/repairs too, so that will be perfect.

Thanks all.
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