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Unix scripting question- how do I automate an interactive command-line application? [MI]

I'm using a proprietary FTP application to transmit a file each day, and pick up a receipt of the prior day's file. The application accepts various command line switches that let me execute the upload as a single command, which is fine. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the receipt file, so I need to log in and do an "mget *" within the application to reliably get the receipt file. Unfortunately, the download parameter I would normally use won't take a wildcard.

So, the meat of my question is, how do I launch a command line application and feed it a command once it starts up, via a shell script?
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expect is great for this sort of thing. It even has a learn mode that lets you do some tasks then creates a script ( some editing required ).

Google has lots of examples
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Yep. You want expect.
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I agree, expect is best for general use. Your application sounds simple enough that you might get away with, something more lightweight like a "here-document" to supply the input. Using bash syntax you could write:
ftp <<EOF
cd /some/directory
mget *
Everything from the first EOF to the second will be supplied as the standard input to the program "ftp"
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If you are a Perl person there is a nice Expect module available that will let your Perl script be the framework and do the text manipulation while making calls to Expect to send commands and retrieve their results.
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Is use of the proprietary FTP application a requirement? If not, you could use Perl's FTP module. I've used it to automate ftp transmissions on a number of machines.
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Is use of the proprietary FTP application a requirement?

Yeah, I'm dealing with a bank. You wouldn't believe the hoops I have to jump through...

Thanks, everyone. Expect seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. gds- EOF is a good thought, but it throws off the results of some of the parameters I have to throw at the app.
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The easiest way to automate ftp transfers is to use .netrc.
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Whoa. Banks are still using FTP?

Um... which bank?
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