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Is there some sort of extension I can put on my shower head to make it sit higher on the wall?

I recently moved into an apartment, and one complaint I have is that the showerhead is way too low--and I'm only 5' 8"! It makes showers annoying because I have to crane my neck to get my head under it.

Is there some kind of device I can screw into the showerhead pipe that will raise it a few inches? I'm aware of the existence of handheld showerheads, but I'd really like it to still be mounted, just a few inches higher than it is now. I'm picturing something like an S-shaped pipe that attaches to the showerhead on one end and the wall on the other.

Any ideas?
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Showerhead extension?
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We've got something like this in our shower, and I really like it. I'm 6'2", but my SO is pretty close to a card-carrying Guild member at 5'2", and it works for both of us.
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Do not use those extensions, they are terrible, leak, and restrict flow. What you want is a riser pipe. I use the S-shaped one now after several years of the articulated style. It's perfect.
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I have one of those S-shaped ones like rhizome linked and it works great.
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Take a look at the WaterPik Flexible Shower Massage (Amazon link). It allows for the show to be moved higher or lower. I've had this one for about 10 years now and even though both my wife and I move it up and down twice a day it still works just as well as the day I bought it.

Two caveats:
1) Depending on the current angle of your shower pipe it might only give you a 3 to 4 inch rise.
2) Get the basic older one (like the 621 model linked above), seems that it is more durable than the newer fancier models.
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i bought a handheld showerhead when i moved into my first apartment and it's moved with me to every single place i've lived since; it was cheap, has made my life better in many ways, and i congratulate myself on purchasing it pretty much every time i take a shower at homeā€”or a shower some place else that doesn't have a handheld showerhead. they're super easy to install (just unscrew previous showerhead and screw the handheld's mount in), raises the showerhead at least six inches (important in every apartment i've ever lived in, and i'm two inches shorter than you!), gives you a better range of movement (up/down and side to side) plus they're usually better at regulating pressure and delivery methods than regular showerheads. seriously, just get one!
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