Boxing events in Bay Area, CA
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Where can I see professional or amateur boxing and/or fighting in the Bay Area?

My googling has led me to some listings and ads for past fights and some fairly expensive pro fights in San Jose, but what I'm looking for is a list of upcoming boxing, muay thai, mma, etc. fights in the Bay Area. Where do those generally take place? Anyone know of a site that aggregates that kind of stuff?
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I don't know about specific spots in the Bay area, but at my old gym, they used to host amateur fights every so often, maybe every month or two, but it was really low-key and not well-publicized. People would come in from really far away for fights though, and the place would always be packed. They had boxing and kick-boxing, and there'd be maybe eight fights a night in different classes, etc.

Reason I bring this up is you might want to just swing by a local boxing gym and ask. There's no way anyone at my gym would have gotten it together to post that stuff on the internet. It was more like "some gnarly dudes from Canada are here and we bought a bunch of pizzas and thirty racks, dig in."
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There are two famous MMA gyms here in San Francisco: Fairtex and Fight and Fitness. If you get in touch with them I'm sure they could fill you in on local smokers and other competitions.
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King's Boxing of Oakland (which I've been meaning to join -- just have to find the time) apparently does amateur fights occasionally. Looks like the last event was on Aug 1st. I'm sure you can check their website to find out about upcoming events:

There's also supposedly some East Bay Rats-based fight club that occasionally surfaces places.
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