What do wear under 3/4-length sleeves?
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What do you wear under a 3/4-length sleeve jacket?

I just bought a cute jacket from an online vendor. It's nylon-coated and clearly outerwear. When it arrived, I realized that it has 3/4-length sleeves, which in theory is fine; I like that length in sweaters and shirts but in outerwear, I'm finding it a bit problematic if I'm wearing long sleeves as a shirt or jacket. Do you usually just let your long under-sleeves extend out past the cuff of the jacket? The jacket is pale green so not everything I wear under it will be color coordinated with it and I sort of think that long sleeves peaking out of a shorter sleeved jacket looks odd. But then the alternatives are push up the sleeves to the shirt/sweater and keep my arms bare below the cuffs of the jacket or.....wear another jacket. I take the jacket off when indoors. Please believe me when I say that I am not losing sleep over this and I do realize that my concerns over sleeve coordination are pretty minor issues in the grand scheme of things.
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I'd leave them out if they match even a little bit.
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Do you usually just let your long under-sleeves extend out past the cuff of the jacket?

Yes. I like the look & color coordinating doesn't matter IMHO, unless you have something that's hideously badly clashing. If i'm wearing short or 3/4 sleeves under that don't show, and it's chilly out, wear long gloves.
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I have a fall jacket with 3/4 length sleeves. Depending on the weather, I either wear short sleeves underneath and bare-arm it, or wear a long-sleeved shirt for more warmth. I even once wore it with elbow-length gloves, but your jacket sounds less formal than mine, so it might not work for you. Generally, I think the under-sleeves work much better if they're very tight (not baggy!) and somehow color-coordinated. I bet a pale green jacket would look ace with gray long sleeves.
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Oooh, I was going to suggest the longer sleeves, which I think looks just fine...but I *love* the idea of gloves even more. So classy and unusual!
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I have a number of 3/4-length sleeved jackets, and I encountered the same dilemma. After some trial and error, I now wear short sleeved or sleeveless tops underneath for a smooth, uncluttered look. Naturally, having naked forearms can at times defeat the purpose of wearing a jacket (especially in cold climates)--but a pair of long, tight gloves in cold weather can close the gap with a mod touch of Jackie-O flair. In warmer seasons, just go bare and show off a fun bracelet.
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Oh, and of course the Sartorialist has some great takes on this look: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. I think the first one looks fabulous, despite what I said before about baggy sleeves. Just goes to show there are a million ways to do this thing.
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Long gloves are best--couple them with short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves (or long sleeves pushed up). You can wear a long-sleeved top but it should be jersey or wool and be tightly fitted (I think regular shirts look sloppy). It really should coordinate too, just a little bit. If you go long sleeves, don't wear regular gloves. Worst look ever. You could also investigate knitted arm warmers--like leg warmers, but for your arms, and more tightly fitted. Very cute look with short/sleeveless underneath the 3/4 when you want the warmth of a sleeve but don't want to wear gloves.
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Arm warmers, I was just about to say that!

Leg warmers might work too, actually. Then you just have to find one set of arm warmers that matches your jacket!

I know there is a way to turn an old sweater into arm warmers...might be something to look into.
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I have a vintage coat with sleeves that length. I have opera length winter gloves to go with it. They're typical stretchy knit ladies winter gloves, but they're super long with buttons up the side. I love them. I got them at spoonsisters.com, but I checked and they're no longer available.

I've also got a pair of pretty standard gloves that came with coordinating arm warmers to be worn over them that are about opera length, too. They were a gift, but knowing the giver, they came from either Target or Kohls.

Maybe closer to fall you'll start seeing things like that around?
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I think 3/4 sleeve jackets with long sleeve tops looks funky and cool. Do it, and don't worry about matching!
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I should probably have added that I'm 41 and though I was once stylish, it's a bit more of a stretch for me these days so funky and cool doesn't really come naturally anymore. I think there's just a certain someone who can pull off things like this better than me right but I will definitely give it a go and wear my sleeves out with pride.
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Definitely gloves! I have a pair of vintage ivory kidskin elbow length gloves in that I wear with my 3/4 length winter jacket. They look and feel wonderfully elegant and are surprisingly warm to boot!
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For the no gloves, casual option (don't know if your green nylon can be considered a "slicker") I have a stylish friend who regularly does the sleeves-and-hood-out-the-3/4-armed-jacket. If you're wearing brighter colors, the contrasting hoodie won't look jarring if it emerges in three different intentional places like that.
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