"And I can picture you in heaven with a blunt and a brew"...because I'm going to kill you?
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In what was the context was Tupac's "God Bless the Dead" written?

I haven't paid much attention to Tupac and Biggie, but I do know they had that big feud. So, God Bless the Dead, which was released after Tupac's death on his Greatest Hits album, confuses me.

The song starts with Tupac graciously saying "Rest in peace to my motherfuckin' Biggie Smalls." Yet Tupac died before Biggie. So, this seems like it's a veiled threat. However, the rest of the song seems to respectfully reach out to Biggie. The other guy on the song, Stretch (who happens (?) to sound eerily like Biggie), explicitly gives his respect and says "You my nigga for life, forever."

I can't figure out when this song was recorded via Google. Was it done pre-feud? Or was it done post-feud as a disturbing and sarcastic threat
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According to this thread rumor has it that the biggie smalls referenced in the song is a different guy. A friend of Stretch's who died.

A bunch of rumors around that but you can google from there. This looks like a common question.
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The question assumes Tupac is dead, of course.
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