Recommend a good dive bar in South Bend, Indiana?
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Can anyone recommend a good bar in South Bend, Indiana?

I'm about to fly out to South Bend, Indiana to be with my dad and visit my dying grandmother. It's not a great situation pretty much any way you look at it. She's hurting, wants to go. I'll be sleeping on an air mattress on the floor of my Dad's rented "family member room" in her nursing facility.

There's all sorts of family tension, though not necessarily between me and my dad.

Long story short, I'm going to need to escape and find a good bar this weekend, at some point. All I need is a pool table -- or pinball machines, decent music (or a solid jukebox) and some bottled beer. Maybe a whiskey or two. I'd like to take my dad out, play a few games. Just shoot some pool and shoot the shit.

Dream bars for me are the Jack outside of Missoula, MT, maybe Pharmacy Bar or the Raven in DC -- nothing too fancy. Any ideas?

Thanks *so* much in advance.
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I will give you the bar I go to and one that I believe still has a pool table......

Fiddler's Hearth (downtown South Bend) has great food and beer selection and occasionally live music. No pool table.

For a pool table and good old music and beer and Budweiser etc, you might try Notre Dame student-friendly Linebacker Lounge Just up the street from there is a pool hall called Oscar's Billiard Club. I can't say for sure if they serve beer but every good pool hall should.

Hope this helps and good luck with family and visit.
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Corby's is exactly what you're looking for.
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Yeah, um, the Linebacker is... gross.

You're probably looking for Oyster Bar, which is right next to Fiddler's Hearth downtown. Main St. between Colfax and Washington. Pool, jukebox, darts, and, if I remember correctly, pinball. Bar on the first floor, balcony overlooking the first floor, second bar on the third floor.

Not terribly classy, but not an outright dive either. Just a good place to hang out, drink a few beers, shoot some pool, etc.

It's walking distance from both Memorial and St. Joseph's hospitals.

MeFiMail me if you want more details, information, etc. I lived there for three years ending last week.
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Um, no Backer, please. Corby's or CJ's are the way to go. I'm on my phone so I can't link but CJ's has great food; Corby's has great environment. Both are close to ND rather than downtown SB. NOOOOO backer.
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You're well-traveled in your barhopping. I've been to Pharmacy Bar in DC as well as bars in South Bend. Yeah, I'd say probably Corby's is the best bet. They have a pool table. The bar scene in the movie "Rudy" was filmed there.
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I humbly remove the Linebacker suggestion. I have already caused enough suffering in the world. (kicking myself for not thinking of Corby's)
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