The Good and Bad of Living With a Bum Ticker
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My father's been diagnosed with stable angina, and he's looking for a little reassurance...

The longer version:

Yesterday my dad calls me up to tell me that he has stable angina, but it's advanced enough that he's going in for further testing, and likely stents, today. He's a little freaked out about this, not because of the procedure itself, but because he's afraid that having a bad heart is going to affect his over-all quality of life.

If you've got anecdotes about you or your loved ones living with stable angina, I'd like to hear them, especially if they lean towards the "active, vital member of society" end of the spectrum, though all perspectives are welcome.
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My father had this, first diagnosed about ten years ago. His initial reaction was understandably negative, mostly because he had always worked hard at maintaining a good diet and exercise routine, and got a bad ticker anyway despite all his efforts.
Ever since he had the angioplasty and stents, however, he has felt essentially cured, and has remained active and healthy to this day.
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