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Online grocery coupons?

This question was asked two years ago, but I'm hoping for an update. What's the best (cleanest, easiest) way to find grocery store coupons online that can be printed out and redeemed? Searchable by specific products, stores, and/or regions is a bonus.
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Clark Howard recommends:

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Response by poster: A lot of these are requiring me to install a special "Coupon Printer" program. How about some options that allow me to print directly?
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All IP coupon providers have to limit how many coupons you can print per computer. So, they all use a printer proxy of some or other sort. You have to either install a plugin, or (at least in the case of smartsource) have Java set up to allow it to use an applet. I've found the coupon printers to be mostly innocuous (although McAfee keeps tagging one of them as malware, even though it really isn't).
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Yeah, you have to install the "printer", but I use them all the time and can say that I trust coupons.com, redplum, and smartsource for printing coupons. I've used them extensively on both PC and Mac, and they're fine. They're just trying to prevent you from printing 20 copies of each coupon. They don't tell you this, but you can go back in your history to the point where you hit "print" and print them again, up to however many times they determine...usually 2-3 per computer. Once you "install the printer" (or, "allow it to work" is more like it), it's completely, totally painless, and you never have to see that printer thing again.

Also, if you want real (like, from the newspaper) coupons, keep an eye out on Saturdays at your local delis/convienence stores - lots of areas have an insert edition on Saturdays that are cheaper than Sunday's paper, but include all the Sunday inserts. (And yes, different papers may not have all the coupons that exist for that week...I'm looking at you, NY Times! I buy craptastic Newsday in Queens just for the coupons.)

Just make sure the store you want to use them at accepts computer printed coupons. It's stupid on about 100 levels when stores don't accept them, and several places have lost my business because of it.
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If you register for free at Hotcouponworld, you will get access to their coupon database. The database lists virtually every coupon of every type that is out there. You can search by product name, product type and type of coupon.

Nthing that you are going to have to install the printer program.
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