I love Jay-Z, but autotune is still alive and well. For now.
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What's a good (and not terribly expensive) portable setup for adding AutoTune to live vocals? This would be in NYC, and the world needs to experience AutoTune karaoke.

I don't have ProTools on my laptop, but I'd be open to renting some gear or buying some software if it weren't prohibitively expensive. My ideal setup would be that we could run vox through a laptop rig, and have the karaoke venue just plug in to the laptop's output. Bonus points if it can be done with the basic autotune feature built in to Garage Band, and a Mac-based solution is preferred.
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Audio Units are the native plug-in format for Mac audio apps. Here's a Google link for Autotune Audio Unit and a link to instructions on how to add an audio unit to Garageband (scroll down to the third comment).
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Well if you've got built into GarageBand, then how about using an audio interface to plug the mic into you laptop like this.

Then plug the audio out into something at the karaoke place. Hopefully the machine has a line in socket, or they're using a desk. If it's only got a mic in then not sure-probably need an adaptor.
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Best answer: Antares make a hardware autotune box for things like this. Probably easier than farting around with a laptop. Should be pretty easy to rent one in NYC.
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The Electro-Harmonix Voice Box looks pretty amazing for the price.
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The Electro-Harmonix Voice Box looks pretty amazing for the price.

It's pretty cool, but it isn't an Autotuner; it does some vocoding and it generates harmonies.
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