Which is better project management certificate program - Bellevue or UW?
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Does anyone have any experience with the Project Management certificate programs at either Belleuve College (previously Bellevue Community College) or University of Washington Extension? Any comments on which is the better program? I'm thinking that the Bellevue program would be a better value career-enhancement-wise because of stronger connections to Microsoft and the tech industry in general, but UW is a better commute for me. This is for a person who has over 10 years of experience as a software developer and is looking at a career transition during the economic down time. Good understanding of and integration with Agile/Scrum would be a plus.
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The BC program is much more vocational/practical than the UW program, which is more big picture/theoretical. The UW program is also longer I believe. Neither program addresses Agile/Scrum to a great degree as far as I'm aware. Both are PMI/PMBOK general PM best practices.

BC has no particular relationship with MS or any other tech company (at least in the PM arena) - although you might be able to network informally with other students from tech industries.

There are other options locally, including City University, and other community colleges (Bellevue has the longest established community college program).

The main source of Agile/Scrum training locally that I'm aware of is Net Objectives

Key Consulting provides a variety of best practice project management courses in Bellevue on a variery of schedules, as well as MS Project, and PMP certification preparation courses, if you were thinking of going that route.
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