Classical/dance music crossovers?
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I like pop/hip-hop/R&B/dance songs with samples from easily recognized classical pieces but that tie together smoothly (ie. "When I get you alone" by Thicke). I prefer if the end result has a fast-ish tempo. Any suggestions?
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These posts might help, with the later leaning more towards techno/dance. If that whets your taste, I'd also check out this.
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Jedi Mind Tricks isn't very poppy, but they're big on classical samples.

And So It Burns
On the Eve of War
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Apotheosis did a club remix of Orff's "O Fortuna" back in the 90's.
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Could people, just for sake of completeness in this thread, mention what classical piece the pop song is sampling/referencing?

(I say this but I have no idea where the sample on Aceyalone's Accepted Eclectic is from.)

Busdriver: Me Time is from Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major

Streets -- Same old Thing =Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra

Bright Eyes -- Road To Joy (obvious)

This might be helpful too (the Breaks FAQ re Classical composers sampled in various songs.)
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Janet - Someone To Call My Lover samples/transforms Satie "Gymnopedie No. 1"

Lamb Gorecki

Dr Octagon Blue Flowers samples Bartok 2nd Violin Concerto

Xzibit Paparazzi samples Fauré "Pavane"

Ludacris Coming 2 America samples Dvorak

Method Man Tical samples "Pictures at an Exhibition"

Nas I Can the most obvious - "Fur Elise", and Hate Me Now "Carmina Burana"

En Vogue Love You Crazay, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

I had to look these up, not a classical music listener personally, so not even sure what's easily recognized.
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Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C is, according to Wikipedia, "heavily based on Pachelbel's Canon in D, transposed to the key of C major."
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There are a number of tracks on the first Handsome Boy Modelling School album (4 and 12, i think?) that sample orchestral pieces.
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Lynguistics by the CunninLynguists samples Tchaikovsky (violin concerto?).
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Wikipedia has a (userfied, for some reason) list of popular songs based on classical music

Luminaire (a.k.a. Jonathan Peters from Sound Factory) did a trance version of Delibes "Flower Duet".
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