How can I duplicate this synth sound in Reason?
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What's this synth sound called and how do I make it in Reason? The sound in question begins at :14.

For all I know it could be in one of the million Reason synth presets, but which one? If there is a word to describe it, maybe I could google it. Bonus points for helping me create it in Reason.

disclaimer: i have NOTHING to do with this game I just want to make this funky-ass sound
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Response by poster: ugh messed up the link, lets try this one

mods, please mod
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Sounds like 303-esque resonant filter to me. With some distortion on top. I haven't used Reason but I would think any analog-emulation synth could pull it off.

Make a nice crunchy mid-range tone and sweep the resonance filter down while you tap out some notes. Throw a compressor and some distortion on top for good measure.
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Adding to erebora's good answer:

I typed an answer, and then I played around in Subtractor for a minute and made you a patch to get you started. Memail me and I'll send it.
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nosila - you have to share with the whole class.
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K....anyone who wants, memail me and I'll send you a link to download a Subtractor patch.

It's nuttin' too fancy...just the initial long filter swept square-wave synth. I'm not really sure how to make that gate pattern with Reason. I'm trying right now. None of the pattern machines are working out for me yet. I might figure it out yet...if I do, I'll save the whole shebang as a Reason file (I use Reason 4...don't know about back compatibility, but I'm using only machines that were available in 3) and send it to anyone who wants.
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To gate it you can patch to a pattern sequencer (the matrix gate to subtractor gate).
recreate the patch in thor and use the lfo (square wave) patched to amp gain.
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sundri...I can't make the pattern sequencer create the same accents as in the example sound. Tips? (It's a personal challenge at this point.)
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same here...but I am trying it in thor with LFO's...working on it. Sounds like there is a little something in the attack area. It may require a combi with a second synth doing the attack, gonna try that now.

Also, seems like there is delay at 16th note in the sound, tried that and it livens things up.
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erm, strike that, 2/16ths delay...
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wow...haven't really played with Thor much as I just upgraded to Reason 4 recently. It's really a pretty cool soft synth!
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Thor is insanely good. I thought Subtractor was cool until I started with Thor. That thing is mind-blowing...I haven't even begun to scratch the surface on it.

And just adding that it was a similar AskMe question last week that got me into Reason.
posted by Thistledown at 11:15 AM on August 12, 2009 I've got the pattern and the sound but can't make the filters oscillate right!
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Best answer: OK...I have to stop now, but if I were trying to make this sound, I would probably use this and then automate the low pass ladder filter to sweep for however long I wanted.

(You can automate by right or cmd clicking, or by recording automation.)
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