I need my html, and i need it NOW!
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Are there any free hosting services that will just host a .html page?

I'm looking for imageshack/tinypic but for html pages.

I need to upload an html page and have it be displayed on something like http://saxamosdreamhost.com/abcdefg.html Rapidshare/megupload will not work because they ask you to download the server

This is for a game server MOTD (the screen you see upon logging into a counter strike 1.6 server). It's only one page, one background image externally linked to tinypic. It will get a fair bit of traffic daily but it can not have advertisements. I would also like the option to go back and re-edit the html OR upload a completely new file with my changes.
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Not totally free, but damn close: nearlyfreespeech.net. A quarter will probably last you a long time here. I love these guys; I've had only good experiences with them, and they're always recommended highly around these parts.
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2nd nearlyfreespeech.net. It's not free, but it's darn close.
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Presumably you have an ISP account, that you use to access the internet. The vast majority of ISP accounts come with a small amount of web hosting space, that you can access through a URL like yourisp.com/~yourusername/. Consider looking into that.
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If you have an Amazon account, you can easily use S3 for this.
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Whoops, sorry, that's not quite free either...
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If you are willing to use FTP or SCP, you could just MeMail me for a username and password to an account that's a subdomain under a domain I own (your choice of a couple .orgs).

If you don't want to do that, it's cool. Just thought I'd offer since I keep a server in colo just for this reason.
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Amazon S3. 10¢/gigabyte/mo with no minimums. You can use s3fox to manage your files, it's a firefox plug in and it's pretty easy to use.
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If you've got an always on internet connection, you could just use a free dynamic DNS service, register a subdomain with them, and run your own webserver. I'm not sure what "a fair bit of traffic" means, but to just serve up enough html to deliver an img tag elsewhere, your home connection might be adequate.
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If you have a server running Counter Strike would it not be possible to just upload the HTML file there?
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freeshell.org, $1 lifetime membership, you need to be able to use unix tools (ie. ls, cd, mv, cp, chmod), and a tty interface mail reader that can save attachments (ie. mutt or pine) to upload the html files to your free account, but given those skills you can have access to a decent amount of storage and bandwidth.
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Doesn't Google Sites work for this? That one's actually free.
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Thanks everyone. My issue wasn't quite solved in my utopian ideal sense but all the recommendations for cheap "power to the people" hosting options were well warranted and I may jump on some of them.
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Somewhat late but Dropbox has a 'Public' folder where you can upload any kind of file, including .html pages.
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