I want to love my Kindle as much as you do.
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How do I get the most out of my Kindle?

For my recent birthday, my husband got me an Amazon Kindle. I love it, but I'd like to love it more. Can other Kindle users give me some advice, tips, instructions or directions on how to better use my new device?

Some info about me:
-I'm in Mexico, so I can't use the Whisper network, (but I'd like to try it out whenever I'm in the US, so comments on that are appreciated).
-My credit card does work on Amazon.
-I love to read mostly popular fiction books; I've been known to read classics.
-I'm starting to write my thesis for my Master's in Education...(so I'm also probably going to be reading a lot of PDFs and textbooks).

I loved this thread, and also found this one and this one to be useful.
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Response by poster: Oh and, just in case: I'm still getting the hang of terms used in relation to the Kindle (still researching info about it), so please consider me a n00b and go easy on the techie concepts.
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I too love my Kindle (or my "Kin-dlee" as it's referred to in my house) and here's some things I like to do:

* Easily look up obscure words using the dictionary function.
* Copy long things from the Web that I want to read and paste them into a word doc, sending it to my Kindle email address.
* Sending free PDF ebooks I find to my Kindle email address, for example this book which is available free this month.
* Perusing the Kindle bestsellers, which have a surprising number of free books, and downloading stuff I'd have never otherwise have read.
* Recklessly downloading free samples of any book I have the slightest interest in.
* NOT opening my Amazon-issued Kindle cover in the wrong direction 'cause it has a major design flaw and almost destroyed my Kindle.

In general, I'm finding that I'm reading more and reading (or at least skimming/checking out) a far wider set of material than I ever have before . . . and I've been a voracious reader my whole life.
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