Up where the air is clear and less humid.
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A thinner atmosphere is needed, help a South Carolinian have a fun weekend in the mountains.

Want to take a short (Saturday & Sunday) jaunt to higher elevations from Columbia, SC. Looking for something not more than three hours from Columbia, that is in the hills or mountains but is not Asheville, NC (I love the place but I want something different this trip).

Suggestions for places to go and stay (two relatively active adults, no pets or kids) and things do for a fun afternoon and morning.
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Have you hiked Table Rock?
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Well Gov. Sanford, I hope your personal situation has improved.

Kidding aside, have you check the SC Trails program?
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You could always visit Brevard NC, which is right next to Pisgah National Forest. It's been a year or so since I was up there, but Brevard is a quaint little mountain town that well situated for exploring Pisgah. Some of the waterfalls up there are pretty spectacular (don't miss Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock is a blast, especially on a hot afternoon. In the forest itself, Looking Glass Rock is a great natural feature, and a wonderful trail. It takes you up to the top of the rock from the back, so you look down over the exposed granite face down to the forest floor. I believe there are also rivers and innertube rentals in the area, though I haven't done that.

Hope you escape the heat . (I'm in Charleston, so I know how you feel. Though Columbia is worse!)
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Have you looked at Cashiers, NC? There are several restaurants and bed & breakfasts in the area, and tons of hiking and craft-y type things if you're into that. It's at a pretty high altitude, so it's much cooler (think 70s during the day, and 60 at night). I plan on being there this weekend with some friends who have a house there and we always have fun. Be aware that it's in a dry county though, so if you like to drink during your fun weekend in the mountains you'll have to pack it in with you.
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Expanding on This Guy's suggestion: Gorges State Park is in the Cashiers area (a few miles east). This is land that was recently donated to the state of North Carolina, so it hasn't been fully discovered by the tourists yet. It's also just a few miles down the road from Brevard, mentioned above in scdjpowell's comment.
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Along the lines of what scdjpowell mentioned, you could stay up by Mount Pisgah at the Pisgah Inn along the Blue Ridge Parkway, or camp across the street. That area is about 25-30 minutes beyond Brevard by card.
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...by car, I mean. No idea how long it might take by card!
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I camped across the street from the Pisgah Inn once and was not impressed. Pisgah itself is beautiful, but that camping area is not too great.
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Caesar's Head? In northern Greenville County near the NC line.
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Response by poster: Hmmm, at this point is looks like Brevard or Hendersonville depending on where we can find lodging. Thanks for the answers all.
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