Where can I find out-of-town sports bars in Denver?
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Where can I find out-of-town sports bars in Denver?

Hello Hive Mind!
I'm a recent (end of March) transplant from the northeast and with football season coming up, I need some local places to watch out-of-town games with some like-minded crazies (sport masochists? you'll see when I tell you my teams).
I'm looking for:
* NFL - Buffalo Bills. I hear LoDos is a good place for this, is that still the case?
* NCAA Football - Penn State. Google refers me to Pat's, which makes sense since it's a cheesesteak place. Yes?
* NCAA Men's Basketball - Syracuse. There's a post on city-data.com that Blake Street Tavern does this, but can someone corroborate this?

Any other suggestions? I live in North Capital Hill, so if they're close to me even better-- but if I have to drive a bit I am willing to do it.
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Sorry but you are only allowed to follow Denver sports teams and Colorado colleges from here on in. \M/

Honestly though I would simply call some of the sports bars and ask them. They have a pretty good bead on who represents which teams.

Try any of the downtown bars for info. I would google them for you but they change so often it's hard to keep a good list going.

Denver is a city of transplants so you will find what you are looking for. Did you catch the cubs series this week in Lo Do? More Cubs fans than Rockies fans every game, I thought I was in another city for a minute. o.0
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There's a great Packers bar in Rocky Flats, on the way up to Boulder from Golden on 93: the Rocky Flats Lounge. I'm not even a football fan and I had a blast there one game night. Plus you can get Leinie on tap. Unless you hate GB it's worth going at least once. They do fish fries, too.
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My GF goes to Lodo's to watch Michigan games, and she learned to go there from the U of M alumni website. Maybe the PSU and Syracuse alumni websites have similar info?
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