Configurations of Blackberry Desktop Manager
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Is it possible to setup BlackBerry Desktop Manager to sync between outlook and the blackberry device, continue to receive mail from personal email accounts via IMAP and POP3 via BIS, and also run the BB Desktop Redirector on my work PC in order to receive corporate email to my device?

I use a personal blackberry to sync my calendar, tasks and memo's between my BB and corporate Outlook.

I would like to continue to sync those items, but would also like to setup the BB Desktop Redirector to push mail to my device. Is that possible?

I also have 3 personal email accounts setup via IMAP and POP3. This is also very important because I run a business (separate from my 9 to 5), so I would like to keep these email accounts setup as they are.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of configuration?
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You can't setup your work address to use POP or IMAP through BIS? I don't have a lot of experience with the desktop redirector but there are third party applications (SyncJE, AstraSync that will synchronize calendars, contacts (possibly tasks and memos) with some corporate mail servers.

Personally, I setup all my email accounts through BIS (personal and work), then setup AstraSync to synchronize my work calendar/contacts. It works well for me.
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I use BES so it's slightly different, but from what I know of blackberries that should be possible. Have you tried it?
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As I read that he's not syncing between different calendar or contact locations, but setting up the re-director to forward his corporate email to the handheld. Should be easy.
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I'm on BIS and I use this guide to get my jobs (exchange)email pushed to my phone. It goes through outlook web access.

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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great responses!!!

1. I can't setup my work addy via POP or IMAP. I do have outlook web access, but I must use an RSA hard token number (that changes ever 60 secs) to access OWA. So with that BIS access to my Corporate mail is out.

2. I was assuming that the re-director is an BES install process of the Desktop Mgr (am I wrong here?). Going with that assumption I would need a BES install for the re-director installation on my work PC.

But I still want and need BIS access to my other email accounts. AND, I still want to do my normal USB calendar, tasks and memo syncs.
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BES, BIS, and desktop redirection are all different.

BES is corporate control / forwarding and doesn't seem applicable here. BIS is how you get your IMAP/POP/webmail. Desktop redirection is a fancy way of saying "forward from outlook on my PC".

The software should have been in the box with your unit. This PDF has the steps to configure the redirector.

This is assuming your admins will allow this to happen. Since you have an RSA token for web mail access that implies some serious security concerns. I'd be very cautious with how you proceed.
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Response by poster: Thanks anti..soc..!

I was able to get the redirect working...

You are correct in adding your caution!

With that said, it seems the redirect created a rather strong encryption key that is being used for transmitting messages between outlook and my device.

I also password protect and encrypt the data on my blackberry...

.. but now that I think about it... I know every VP, Director, First Line Manager and even some engineers have blackberries.

.. I don't want to miss anything, but I certainly don't want everyone to expect me to be available around the clock either, so I will defer requesting for a company issued BB!!

With all that said, I do have a friend that works in the security area of my company, and I will touch base with him on this subject.

Thanks again!!!
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Response by poster: I wanted to mention one thing that happened wrong.. that I'm trying to fix now.

When I setup the BB Desktop Mgr (and Redirector) on my PC.... I also started to sync my calendar with that PC, versus my laptop.

This created a new Calendar entry on my device... I have my vzw.blackberry calendar (where all of my calendar entries reside from syncing with my laptop), and also a new Desktop calendar on my device.

Since I sync'd up with the PC that includes the redirector, it is now syncing all of my Desktop Calendar entries from my phone (which I have NONE!) to my Outlook Calendar!
Yea... I must have missed the prompt (or not read it), when the warning came of all the changes to my Outlook calendar....

Device Calendars:
- vzw.blackberry calendar
- Desktop calendar (added because I setup BES Redirector)

PC BB Desktop Software [syncs device Desktop Calendar with Outlook]
Laptop BB Desktop Software [syncs device vzw.calendar with Outlook]

The affect... since I have no entries on my device's Desktop Calendar... I now have no calendar entries on my Outlook calendar!

So now I have to try and sync my device with my laptop, to try and get all the entries back onto my outlook calendar!

Except my stupid Laptop Outlook is corrupt, so I'm now running a MS Office repair... that's taking forever!!!!

Wish me luck!!!
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