Keurig B30 won't brew
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Has anyone had any problems with a Keurig (K-cup) B30 coffee maker? My mom's is on the fritz and I'm having difficulty fixing it for her. The water heats up but doesn't make it to the cup. I've googled and no luck.
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Does your area have a lot of sediment and/or minerals in its tap water?
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Response by poster: Does your area have a lot of sediment and/or minerals in its tap water?

No, none at all. I even tried brewing with vinegar in there but the pump just won't suck any water. I used a turkey baster to prime it, and water does come out when I push it through, but it won't suck any water in.
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Have you tried this site? I am not sure which version you have, (or if it is listed here) but they also have a customer service contact listed there.
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Response by poster: Have you tried this site?

Yes, I have. It's unfortunate, but one wouldn't think that for the $80 price tag, these things would break down as much as I've seen mentioned.
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OK - I'm willing to bet that I know what the problem is. Major disclaimer: I haven't taken a Keurig apart, but there's one in my office and the pump has that 60 Hz hum that buzzes "Hi! I'm a cheap AC bladder pump". This is pretty much the same as a fish tank air pump, but for water. It's a small electromagnet that is powered by line current. When current runs through the magnet, it pulls a lever that draws on a pump. When the lever makes contact with a switch, it cuts power to the magnet and springs back pushing on the pump. This push pull is what moves the water. I'm guessing that you will find a torn rubber bladder that drives the pump. This fits the symptoms: the pump can't pull water through the tubing, but you can run water through yourself. It does still make noise, right?
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Best answer: I can think of no reason at all that your mom's B30 should have broken down, and -- as I believe they've only been on the market since September last year -- hers should be under warranty, still. By all means contact Keurig's customer care, they'll make it right.

(plinth: I've taken apart several Keurig machines. They use some pretty decent vibratory pumps... not exactly the stuff that runs the bubblers on your aquarium. Some of the more recent models now have rotary pumps, too.)

[Disclaimers: I don't work for Keurig, but I do work for Keurig's parent company. I am not your lawyer. I am not a lawyer at all. Your mileage may vary. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate. I like coffee.]
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Response by poster: I do believe it's under warranty and I'm no man to be taking coffee makers apart unless you want pieces scattered about your kitchen, so I think we'll go that route.

I does not in fact make any noise aside from boiling the water. Once it comes to temp, the apparatus shuts itself off, with al the hot water remaining inside the internal reservoir.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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Response by poster: Fast forward a little: my mom called the manufacturer and sent them a part they requested. In return, she received a band new coffee maker. The part requested was probably to insure that she did indeed have a coffee maker and that it would no longer function without said part.

All in all it only took a couple of dayus and now she's happy brewing her little one-cups.
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Don't ya just love a happy ending? ;)
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