Avoiding post show traffic at Comcast Theatre in Hartford?
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What is a good parking plan for concerts at Comcast Theatre in Hartford (formerly Meadows)? Is there a way to avoid insane traffic after the show?

I have heard that the parking has gotten worse over the years and don't want to sit for 1-2 hours trying to leave. Any first hand experience or advice?
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Went to a Dave Matthews Concert there not to long ago and got out of the area pretty quickly. We went into the free parking lot right off the highway and lined up with landmarks like trees and signs where our car was. Then right when the concert was ending we left our seats and stood in the isles and as soon as the last song was over we just ran half way back to the parking lot, found our car right away and since the parking lot was right next to the highway just jumped right on the highway and didn't sit in any traffic at all. Of course if you've been drinking this might not be the best idea but its what worked for us.
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