Short notice renting art/party space in San Francisco?
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How can I find a small art gallery/event space to rent this upcoming Saturday night in San Francisco?

I'm going to be in SF this weekend for a convention and would like to host a small gathering of poets/live musicians outside the hotel for a little shindig. I'm thinking about 20-30 people and would like to keep costs down below $500 for the evening. A gallery space would be perfect, but since it is short notice (long story) I know that will be difficult. I'd like to stay away from the 'hotel conference room' vibe and would prefer it to be within walking distance of Union Square. One that looked great but is unfortunately booked is here. Thanks!
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Best answer: I can't reccomend any specific galleries by name in SF but I can tell you that the vast majority of small art galleries that I know have been hammered by the economic downturn. Pick up the phone, and make a respectful request. I think you maybe surprised.
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It's been many moons since I organized an event there, and I don't know what they can do on short notice, but it might be worth it to call 111 Minna.

It's located close to the Montgomery St. stop, which is only a stop away from Powell but that may be a little far to ask people to travel, depending on your group.
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111 Minna's occupied after 7 on Saturday night.. Most of the places that first come to mind (like The Cellar) are bars, but there are a few galleries near there.
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The Luggage Store Gallery (not actually a luggage store) doesn't have guidelines for booking on its website, but would probably be worth checking out.

Another possibility could be the Swedish American Hall, which is located above Cafe du Nord. Not quite walking distance, but only a short Muni or cab ride away.

Finally, to state the obvious, you might also try contacting the business office of the SF Visitors' Bureau for more art gallery ideas, since there are definitely a bunch in the Union Square area, and as R. Mutt pointed out, it's worth a shot...
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Response by poster: Wonderful ideas, guys, thank you! I will update when it all comes together.
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Response by poster: Andy at Venusian Gardens West was incredibly accommodating, brilliantly funny and all around a perfect host. He also had a lot of equipment he let a bunch of relative strangers just waltz in and use. It worked out beautifully. Thanks for the tips!
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