Marching Band short subjects?
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Marching-band themed short subject (such as a cartoon or PS announcement)?

I'm in charge of our local high school's Movie Night during band camp week. I've already chosen the movie (Batman - it's the one that their drill music is taken from), but I'd like to start the evening with some sort of short subject. To give an example, last year I chose the Sponge Bob episode "Band Geeks", which was a big hit with the kids.

I'd rather not show the same short this year, and I'm having a tough time finding something with a band or Marching Band theme - it can be a cartoon, an old TV show episode, or one of those old cheesy B&W public service reels - something preferably 10 minutes or less.

Any ideas kicking around out there?
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The Great Philouza
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They're not marching band, but you could show any of the Looney Toons opera shorts.

Also, I don't know if you are familiar with Drum Corps and DCI, but a number of those shows would be great to show during band camp. Recent shows that I like to play for my students include "The Phenomenon of Cool" (Blue Devils 2003), "Attraction: the Music of Scheherazade" (Santa Clara Vanguard 2004), and "Spartacus" (Phantom Regiment 2008).
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Sleepinglion is right: good DCI shows are always fun to watch, especially some of the higher level shows. It gives them a chance to see what's on the high end of their art.

If you're looking for something else - I showed Mr. B Natural, an old cheesy "Join Band!" video to my kids one year, and they were laughing so hard, they could barely see straight. Linked is the MST3K version, but if you can find the original, it'll be gold.

Another one I can think of off of the top of my head is an old episode of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete," called "Day of the Dot." It's hilarious, surreal, and about a girl in marching band who gets to be the dot on the "i" during the show.
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2nd'ing showing a random DCI show. I like the '04 season, but obviously tastes differ and I'd probably just recommend getting the 08 disc so you can show the cutting edge.
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De Sussen en De Geuzen is an award-winning Belgian animated short about rival marching bands. It's clever and entertaining. I saw it at a film festival and met the animator (Dieter Dresselaers)--he's a quirky, personable fellow who might be willing to send you a DVD. His website is, and e-mail is, or you can try
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I came in to recommend Day of the Dot, but didn't know the episode title. It's cheap on Amazon. My guess is that most of the students won't know it, but it will probably strike a chord.
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It's not cheesy - its actually just totally badass - but you should show a semgent of BLAST!
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La Petite Parade. The Matchmaker's one-man marching band performance still makes me laugh.
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The very short and possibly completely inappropriate Marching Band Killer from Kids in the Hall?
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