Infrared cruft: Useful or useless?
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Came across a Microsoft eHome infrared transceiver (USB) in a pile of cruft my mother-in-law picked up at a garage sale. No accessories, just the transceiver. It works, but what can I do with it? (Or is it junk?)

Computers I have laying around that could have the transceiver plugged in:
Ubuntu server (slow but reliable)
MacBook Pro
Mac Mini (G4)
Windows box

Things I have laying around that have IR receivers:
Mobile phones (all Nokia, all S3)
The usual home entertainment things (TV, DVD, TiVo, stereo receiver)
Canon Rebel XTi
HP Laserjet printer

If it's possibly useful for something, I'd like to muck with it rather than just throw it out. If it's junk though, I can dispose of it. I won't be heartbroken if the thing can't be used for anything; in the end the box of cruft was worth the $2 my mother-in-law paid for it, as it also contained a WRT54G router (rev. 2, now running Tomato) and matching network hub. Score!
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Best answer: It's half of a Windows Media Center remote setup that would be $25-30 new, if it had the remote. I've never seen anyone use the transmission part of one of those, just the receiver. If you have a learning remote, it might be able to control it if it has HTPC control options.
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I use the eHome receiver part with EventGhost on Windows to allow my Home Theatre Receiver Remote to control XMBC (how to) on windows.
The eHome remote still controls MCE, this way I don't have conflicts. This way I have full control over my home theatre using a single remote, but if I want to mess around in MCE I still can using the original remote.

I do not use it to transceive signals to another device.
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Response by poster: Sounds like without the remote it's crap, not cruft (cruft has uses!). So, gone. Thanks for the feedback.
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