When should I be there with my chair?
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I'm going to the Wallflowers concert at L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine, next Saturday. How early should I get there?

I understand that there is a tradition of staking out a spot and setting up lawn chairs hours or even days early for the summer concerts. What time should I get there on Saturday if I want a decent view of the stage?
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Knappster, it is true that people sometimes put out chairs days in advance. From what I heard the crowd for Blues Traveller two weeks ago was very large. The problem is there is not a huge lawn area that has a direct view. It sort of slopes slightly upward then goes back down sharply so there is a definite cut-off point. They setup temporary bleachers on either side of the stage - the view is good from there as well. They do set up video screens for those without a direct view of the stage.

If it were me, I would get there early in the morning and see if there is any space on the ground still available for stake out. If so, I'd stake my claim, then walk around Freeport a bit. Around noon, I'd find some lunch I could take back to my spot and get settled in (or at least check in to see how the crowd was forming). Bring a good book to read, catch up on writing, nap, etc.

Alternately, I'd arrive by noon if I wanted to grab a bleacher seat.
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How was the show?
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