Games that work in virtual machines
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What games have you played on a windows virtual machine?

What games for Windows have you played successfully inside either Parallels or VirtualBox?

I did see this thread on the VirtualBox forums where people talk about what games worked for them. I'd just like to see more.
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Any VMWare users that run games, please chime in also.
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I've run Thief: The Dark Project and Half-Life in VirtualBox, as neither required hardware acceleration (they can run fine with software rendering on modern PCs). Newer builds have 3D acceleration support, but I haven't tried using it yet.
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VMWare on a MacBook Pro (intel chip): Unreal Tournament to play, but we had to connect to a non-emulated server to play.
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Empire Deluxe
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Well, it's probably not surprising that these worked, but I used to play tons of Sim Tower and Master of Orion 2 in Parallels.
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With VirutalBox 3.0 now supporting 3D Acceleration, the list of working games should grow considerably.
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I've played Railroad Tycoon II on XP under VirtualBox under OSX.
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