Need gluten-free, milk-free delicious cookies!
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Need gluten-free, milk-free delicious cookies!

A friend of mine was just complaining about the not!deliciousness of her gluten-free, milk-free cookies. (She can't eat gluten or dairy products for health reasons.) Bad cookies are a blemish upon this good earth and I refuse to believe that all of the human race's creativity and desire for delicious cookies has not come up with a good cookie recipe with those restrictions. Prove me right and give some recipes! :D
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Do biscotti count as cookies? I love this recipe for flourless chocolate biscotti.
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I was sitting here thinking about your question. I'm a terrible cook, myself, but I got to wondering whether it might be possible to make a decent cookie using rice flour. So I did some googling and came up with this page.

Don't have the slightest idea how they'd come out, but it sounds pretty good.
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Uncle Eddie's Vegan Cookies are some of the best cookies I've ever had. I'm not sure about the gluten though.
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No Bakery makes vegan and wheat-free cookies.
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I don't have a recipe to recommend, but a resource instead. Check out the foodlab group on yahoogroups. Lots of people there who will have great advice on what you can substitute for maximum yumminess.
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This book was given to me when I started experimenting with gluten-free eating. There are cookies on the cover, but I haven't tried them specifically. I have tried some other baked goods though and they turned out yummy (skillet corn bread and scones).

There is a huge section on the different gluten free flours and combining them. My only complaint is that although their flour combos are optimized for each recipe, it means that you have to buy a couple of different flours every time you try something new. Once you have invested in the essentials, you will be fine.

Try yummy things like almond flour, and using flax instead of eggs. As far as milk goes I am a huge fan of Almond Breeze. There are a lot of interesting "milks" out there including basmati rice milk (yum!) and hemp milk (also yum!) that add a new dimension when baking/cooking.
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Do coconut macaroons count as cookies? There are oodles of recipes out there, some of which contain gluten and/or milk, but it's easy enough to find recipes that don't.

Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons are absolute heaven (and since that works best with dark chocolate anyway, keeping it dairy free shouldn't be a problem!).
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I just made a batch of Dairy-free Chocolate Chip Cookies today!
(warning: link contains auto-play video - the transcript including the recipe is on the same page)).
They do contain gluten (flour / baking soda), but the flour could be substituted with a gluten-free blend.
The cookies actually tasted very similar to my regular choc chip cookies.
Nom nom.
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Not a recipe, but my fiance (who can't have wheat or eggs) likes Enjoy Life brand cookies more than anything I've bought or baked for him. They're really really good--not quite girl scout cookies, but close.
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Not just coconut macaroons (yum!), but French macaroons (different kind of yum!). I have a close friend with celiac's, and for her baby shower we did everything gluten free. We had these cookies out on a plate, meant for "dessert" but people started sneaking them before we even got started because they were so tasty and addictive.

We made the chocolate ones and filled them with ganache, but there are other filling suggestions that are dairy free. It's such a good recipe, I've added it into my rotation, even for people without food allergies. (And we just make our own almond flour - put some almonds in the food processor and blitz.)

(And as an aside, if your friend doesn't already get it, they might want to check out the magazine Living Without. They've got several gluten free, dairy free desserts listed for free on their website.)
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These flourless peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies are really good (and quick to make).
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These are hands-down the best cookies I've ever had, gluten-free or not:
36-hour Chocolate Chip Cookies at Gluten-Free Girl.

The recipe as such is not dairy-free, but if you use dark chocolate chips and shortening, you'd be good to go. They must be made 36-hours ahead of time and refrigerated, but they are more than worth the wait!
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chocolate chewies
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Your best bet here is to look for recipes for Passover cookies, for two reasons:
  1. Many of them don't contain flour of any kind
  2. Since traditionally Jews love a nice fleishig (meat) meal, the cookies will almost always be pareve (contain neither meat nor milk ingredients).
If her dairy restriction is strict, be careful when making any recipe that calls for margarine as many are not dairy free (many use things like casein or whey to give the margarine a buttery flavor). The vegan baking experts of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World favor Earth Balance for this purpose.
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